Stoneguard Memorial Insurance

Stoneguard Memorial Insurance

Memorial insurance from as little as £25.00* and covers against:

  • Accidental damage to the stone
  • Malicious damage/vandalism
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Subsidence
  • Impact
  • Storm

*Price correct on the 2nd August 2020 

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Below is an extract from the Stoneguard brochure.

Whilst it is impossible to prevent damage to your memorial, attacks of vandalism are not restricted to grand or elaborate memorials; often the simplest family graves are the target of malicious attacks or are accidentally damaged. But it is not just vandalism that you need protection against, subsidence is a very common issue as are storm and impact damage; all are covered by the Stoneguard 05 policy.


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Falling tree damage Surrey £2,034.00
Accidental damage Sunderland £560.00
Stolen statue Manchester £1,382.00
Subsidence Devon £615.00
Vandalism Chingford £6,093.00