Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Will you visit me at home?

A   Yes, we will be pleased to make a home visit, any day or evening.


Q  How much deposit will I need to pay?

50% of the cost of the memorial. Excluding the burial ground fees.


Q  When will I need to pay the deposit?

A  You won't need to pay a deposit until you receive the drawing of the inscription and your quote for the work. Only then, if you are happy with the work.


A  When do I need to pay the church/cemetery fees for the memorial?

Q  These are paid when we send the approval form for the work to the church/cemetery office. You would normally send us a cheque for these fees made out to the relevant church/cemetery at the same time as our other paperwork.


Q  How much are these church/cemetery memorial fees?

These fees vary between different authorities, as a rough guide they cost from £130 to £225 for headstones and between £75 to £206 for cremation tablets. These normally increase once a year.


Q  If I don't like the inscription you have supplied, will you change it?

A  Of course we will, as many times as you like, within reason, free of charge. It is very important to us at Stonescript, that you end up with a memorial that you are pleased with. 


Q  Will I need to ask the cemetery about the stone?

A   No, we will deal with the church and cemeteries and do all the paperwork for you.


Q  What's the difference between hand carved incised and incised lettering? 

A  Hand carved letters are cut with a hammer and chisel, incised letters are cut using a sand blaster. If you take a look around your local churchyards and cemeteries you will find it quite difficult to find any hand carved inscriptions on memorials of the last 20 years. This is due to the length of time it takes to hand carve an inscription, making it too costly for most customers and the sad fact that there are not many today, skilled in the traditional art of hand carving.


Q  How long will my headstone take to make?

A  If the stone is from stock it will take about 5 to 6 weeks to complete from receiving your order, if the stone is bespoke it will take longer, normally 12 to 14 weeks.


Q  I like the stone in the brochure, but I would like it in a different colour?

A  Of course you can have it in another colour.


Q  The picture shows the stone with a flower container on the left, can I have it in the middle?

A  Yes of course you can, you can have a flower container anywhere you like, within reason. If you want more than one container that's ok as well. 


Q  I like the stone in the brochure, but I would like a different

ornament to the one shown, is this possible?

A  Yes, you can choose from any of the stock ornaments or we

can design one for you.


Q  Why can't I have a black polished headstone in a churchyard?

A  Quite a few years ago the Exeter Diocese brought in regulations

covering the size, finish and colour of memorials in their churchyards.

Polished black and coloured stones were thought to be unsympathetic

with the nearby church buildings.


Q  Can I put the stone in the churchyard/cemetery myself?

A  No! There are strict rules and regulations governing those permitted to fit memorials of any kind in churchyards and cemeteries. The person doing the work usually needs to be on their list of authorised fixers and must have public liability specifically to work in churchyards and cemeteries. This insurance can be as much as 5 million pounds.

If you have any more questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to telephone us or use our online contact form.