Cremation Memorials

Vase Memorials

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Cemeteries and churchyards have their own seperate regulations regarding cremation memorials

In Teignbridge Cemeteries the permitted memorials are flat tablets 15"x 15"x 2"

Although at Teignmouth and the new Dawlish cremation sections, mini headstones and book memorials 18"x 15"x 12" overall size are also permitted.


In the Torbay Cemetery at Hele Road, Torquay, flat desk vase tablets (DVT) are allowed. They must be 12" wide x 18" deep x 4"to 2" in height. These can have a base in a material that matches the tablet.


In churchyards around Devon the size can vary from 15"x 15"x 2" up to 18"x 18"x 2" flat tablets or DVT's. Kingskerswell churchyard allows 18"x 12"x 2" tablets with an 8"x 8"x 2" matching vase at the side. Some also permit small headstone memorials.


Wherever your loved one's remains are placed, we at Stonescript will be pleased to help you through these complicated rules and regulations.